World Environment Day 5 June 2018

World Environment Day 5 June 2018 #BeatPlasticPollution
Say no to plastic, say yes to Fair Trade crafts of natural materials.

The theme of the World Environment Day 2018 is "Beat Plastic Pollution." The theme is a call for all of us to make changes in our daily lives to reduce plastic waste. The pollution caused by plastic waste causes major damage to wildlife, human health and the environment. Approximately 13 million tonnes of plastic per year ends up in our oceans. In the oceans, plastic waste threatens vulnerable marine wildlife and coral reefs. The plastic waste decomposes into micro-plastics and seeks into water supply - and thus into our bodies. What harm causes it? Scientists are still not sure, but plastic contains a number of chemicals, many of which are poisonous or disturb hormones. Plastic can also act as a magnet for other pollutants such as dioxins, metals and pesticides.
Plastics have many valuable uses - but too often (50%) it becomes single use items, such as plastic bags, plastic bottles etc single use items. Only used once and a short time – but remaining as a very long-lasting problem for animals, nature and coming generations. Source: UN World Environment Day

La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE recommends: Say no to plastic, say yes to Fair Trade crafts of natural materials.
fairtrade shoppingkorg handmade of natural materialsA) Choose Fair Trade shopping basket handmade from natural materials instead of plastic bag when going shopping. La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE offers a range of shopping baskets which all are handmade of natural materials.

fairtrade picnic basket to beat plastic pollutionB) Plan and pack your Fair Trade picnic basket instead of visiting fast food / take-away with its plastic cutlery, plastic bottles, etc single use items. Find a picnic basket from La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE here.

gardenhat and potager for plastic free and environmentaly friendly foodC) Garden Hat & Potager: The combination of flowers and vegetables will give you buzzing bees, birdsong + guaranteed climate friendly and plastic packaging free food. Fair Trade garden hats for sun protection - but also for environmental care, poverty reduction, gender equality. Don’t forget the head issues. La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE hats have style & Function – here you will find out more about the various models.

BeatPlasticpPollution with fairtrade gifts made of recycled plastic and metal wasteD) When it's time to buy gift for someone who already has "everything" (...) choose Fair Trade crafts made from collected, recycled plastic- or metal waste.
The problem with plastic waste, etc. environmentally hazardous waste will continue to be large. The problem of desperate poverty in parts of the world as well. Madagascar is one of the world's economically poorest countries. About 80% of its population lives in extreme poverty. At the same time, Madagascar has a unique flora and fauna; belongs to one of the world's "biodiversity hotspots". That this environment is protected from littering, any type of waste, is of immeasurable great value. La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE craft range includes many different vehicle models skilfully handmade of collected metal- and plastic waste. Under the menu heading ”Bijoux” there are also beads handmade of collected plastic waste. Crafts that shows impressing creativity and practical environmental engagement. BeatPlasticPollution

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